Customer Service

1. Ordering

2. Payment

3. Exchanges and returns

4. Warranty

5. Maintenance

6. Other


1. Ordering

How can I order jewelry?
All the chosen articles are collected in the shopping card. When you have finished shopping, click on the shopping card. This will show you an overview of your order. You can give note of changes or continue shopping. If you wish to continue shopping, click on “continue shopping” (verder winkelen) and your order will be saved. 

Personal details
The first step is to fill in personal details so you can proceed to payment. If there is anything you want to change, you can always click on “step back” (stap terug) or the previous tab. After you have agreed to the general terms and conditions you will go to step 2. 


2. Payment

The second step is payment. You can pay via IDEAL, credit card, PayPal, mister cash, sofort or money transfer. 

Did my order go through?
When you have placed your order, a confirmation e-mail is send to the provided e-mail address. If you didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail, it can be caused by the following:

1. You have provided a wrong e-mail address 

2. You have not completed the order. Please check if you still have items in your shopping care and if so, complete the order.

3. Do not forget to accept the general terms and conditions by ticking this option.

Can I cancel or change my order?
You can always cancel or change your order before payment in the shopping card. This is no longer an option after payment.  

How can I pay?
Payment is via IDEAL , credit card, mister cash, PayPal, sofort or by transferring the money to:
Ellen Beekmans sieraden ( IBAN nr:  NL06ABNA0409526983).
Do mention your name and address details with the transfer. 

After receiving payment, the order will be delivered within 2 business days.


What are the costs of delivery?
Free shipping within the Netherlands  for jewelry orders more then €45. In other cases we charge euro 1,99 euro for shipment. For jewelry lshipment to other countries we charge only 4.95 euro.

For sandals in the Netherlands we charge 4,95 euro for sandal shipment to all other destinations we charge 6,95 euro.

Free shipment for giftcards.

Ellen Beekmans will do her best to send the order to you as soon as possible. We are however, not responsible for any delays, loss or damages caused by Post NL. 

When will my order be delivered?
After payment, the order will be delivered between 2 or 5 business days at the provided address. 

3. Exchanges and returns

Can I exchange or return items? 
From the moment you receive your order, you have 10 days in which you can look at and fit the items. After these 7 days the purchase is final. If you are not pleased with the item, your can exchange or return it within the 10 days to Ellen Beekmans sieraden | Joelaan 3 | 1217 GG HILVERSUM.

The return policy is as follows:

  • Please let us know within 5 days that the jewelry is not satisfactory or defected
  • You can exchange or return the items within 10 days with a personal memo (name, adress & Ibannumber).
  • Items that are returned can’t be worn or damaged. If they are we will be required to charge you with a fee
  • Please be sure to safely pack the items when you send the package via the postoffice
  • When exchanging and returning, you will have to pay the costs of shipping. Sending you the return items is free of charge
  • When returning, the entire purchase sum will be refunded to the provided bank account number, provided the requirements above have been met. 

4. Warranty 

Do I have a warranty?

All jewelry has a 6 month warranty period, starting on the date the jewelry is send. Possible exceptions; 

  • Natural wear and tear; precious stones can change color due to wearing and the sun
  • Stains can be formed by perfume
  • Metal can change color due to contact with water
  • Metal can change color due to your own PH-levels 
  • Precious stones can break due to falling

If you have been careful with the jewelry and in the unlikely event it breaks or is damaged, you can send us the item to repair. The repairs will be free of charge. Be sure to contact us before you send the item, so we can agree on the terms of the repair. After 6 months we have to charge you to repair the jewelry.


I am allergic to nickel, can this be found in the jewelry?
All metal used in the Ellen Beekmans jewelry is 100% nickel-free. We take great care in making sure our suppliers supply nickel-free metal. However, it is a possibility one can have an allergic reaction to other parts of the metal alloys. When in doubt, please contact us.  


The jewelry doesn’t fit properly, can it be altered?

If the jewelry doesn’t fit properly, please contact us. You can not exchange or return jewelry after alteration. 

5. Maintenance

How do I maintain my jewelry?

  • Do not go swimming, work out or go to the sauna with the jewelry
  • (semi) precious stones can change color in the sun
  • If you are wearing oily or perfumed body lotion, let this dry properly before wearing the jewelry
  • Do not spray perfume, eau-de-toilette or hairspray directly on the jewelry. Let this dry properly before wearing the jewelry
  • If you are not wearing the jewelry, store them in a dark and not moist place
  • Be careful with the jewelry; (semi) precious stones can break easily when dropped

6. Other

What do I do with a complaint?
Please let us know if you have a complaint so we can find the right solution together.